Websites I Use

On this page is a list of the main websites I use when planning my journeys and holidays. I am not receiving any payment for writing about them, and they probably don’t even know that I’ve mentioned them. ( is my website of choice for accommodation outside Australia. The bookings are reliable, the prices are the best that I’ve found, and you can read user reviews from people who have actually stayed in the hotel.

Wotif (

Wotif is where I find accommodation for Australia. They have a good range of hotels (in the major cities, anyway), and the prices are reasonable.

Seat 61 (

Seat 61 is run by a man in the UK and has a huge amount of information about long distance trains all over the world, including maps and links to official operator websites. There are traveler reviews and travel advice.

UrbanRail.Net (

UrbanRail.Net has maps and information about all Metro, Subway, Tram and Light Rail networks around the world. They are sorted by continent, with easy to use maps.

Hyperdia (

Hyperdia is a journey planner, which lists almost every train in Japan. It’s easy to use and accurate too. It lists the train time and type, as well as the fare. I would have been lost without it on m visit there.

China TravelGuide (

China TravelGuide is a Chinese tourism website which has a section listing all long distance trains in China. You can search by point to point, all trains through a city, or if you already have tickets and want to know your train schedule, you can search by train number. The search provides train number, point of origin, destination, distance, time taken and fare. If you click on a train number, it will display the full timetable for that train.

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